This Time It’s Maia Standing Over Guida

Maia and GuidaOur lovely ladies around morning nap time yesterday. This time it’s Maia standing over Guida.

When they arrived, over a year ago, Guida already had a nurturing side and a level of patience and trust with Maia that was slightly surprising but lovely to watch. Maia did not have that in return. Although she didn’t ever hit Guida or knock her down like she did at the circus farm, Maia seemed to like to remind Guida who was bigger.

Guida remained patient and loving throughout, simply walking away at times to show Maia that if she chose to act a certain way, she could do so alone. Maia caught on quickly and her behavior towards Guida adjusted. Once that happened, they started to build up a loving and respectful relationship.

Up until recently, Guida has still seemed more supportive than Maia. Once Maia became more comfortable and confident in herself, she also became more of a sister.

So while it’s always cute to watch them standing over each other, protecting the other while she sleeps, it’s a little more special when it’s Maia standing watch. She has grown into a true herd member and will only continue to flourish with the arrival of other elephants.

May 22, 2018


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    Debbie Sides says

    That’s so sweet. Good to see Maia “protecting” Guida. ????

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