Ways to Support

To ensure your donation is directed where you wish, you have the ability to choose the fund your gift goes towards. The dropdown menu gives you the option to choose between:

(1) GSE General fund – goes where most needed.
(2) Elephant Sanctuary Brazil fund – directly to the sanctuary to help with elephant food, fencing, and more.

Questions?? Just drop us an email so we can help you, help our elephants. Contact Us →


Everyone at Global Sanctuary for Elephants is committed to gaining the trust and support of individuals who want to make a difference in the lives of elephants. Our goal is to respect each of our donor’s wishes in the same way we strive to treat and respect each and every elephant – as an individual! 


Global Sanctuary for Elephants
PO Box 2426
Brentwood, TN 37024

Please leave a message.


More Ways to Give

Elephant Wishlists

Whether you want to purchase joint supplements or tasty treats for Maia, Rana, Mara, Guille or Bambi – or supplies for Kenya’s new home, you can pick your item to purchase and support our lovely ladies.

Adopt an Elephant

If you admire Maia and Bambi’s tight friendship, are enamored with Mara’s captivating face, have a soft spot for our sweet grandma Rana, or can’t help but smile at Guille’s antics, you can show them some personal love and support.

Rana and Ramba
Donate with Crypto

At GSE, we believe that innovative solutions are the key to growing the organization, allowing us to provide a better life for more elephants. We now accept cryptocurrency, making it even easier to support a life of sanctuary for elephants. You can donate Bitcoin, Ethereum, ChainLink, Litecoin, and more.

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Corporate Sponsorship

Align your brand with Global Sanctuary for Elephants.  From building and strengthening relationships with your employees and clients to enhancing your visibility with our dedicated followers and supporters, a partnership with GSE demonstrates your company’s commitment to elephants in need around the world.

Share your gifts, skills, miles and more

Give a Gift

Helping elephants can make the perfect gift. Donate in memory or honor.

Personal Skills

Donate your personal skills– such as welding, computer programming or accounting.

Airline Miles

We travel a lot to help elephants globally. Transfer your miles to GSE.

In-kind Donations

You can donate everything from vehicles to office or camera equipment.

Gift Appreciated Stock & More

Gifts of appreciated stock, bonds, insurance, and annuities can change the life of an elephant.

Donor Advised Funds (DAF)

Recommending a gift to GSE through your donor advised fund (DAF) is simple. You can donate to Global Sanctuary for Elephants using our donation form and selecting DAF.

Raise Funds for Elephants

Facebook Fundraisers

Ask friends for donations in lieu of gifts. On your personal Facebook newsfeed- click on ‘Fundraisers’ in the left menu, then click ‘Raise Money’ and select GSE as your charity.


Peer to peer fundraising is set up for GSE on GoFundMe, just search for our charity and the money you raise comes right to us.


List items on Ebay and set a percentage to go directly to GSE.

Leave a Legacy

Planned Giving

Name GSE as a beneficiary on your personal will, IRA, pension plan or life insurance policy.

Estate Gift Notification Form

Maia, Guida and rainbows


Sanctuary isn’t just a place it’s a new beginning, peace of mind, their home. For the first time, elephants have a life that is all about them. Thank you for helping to provide and protect this for them.

Every dollar makes a difference.  Every share grows their family.  Every one of us can change their lives.

Scott and Kat Blais
Co-founders Global Sanctuary for Elephants
and Elephant Sanctuary Brazil

Co-founder Scott Blais
Kat and Little