Female Asian Elephant


Mara has just arrived at sanctuary! This page will be updated very soon. Click here for photos and videos of her journey to sanctuary.

Meet Mara

Photo: Mara at EcoParque Buenos Aires taken by Tomás Francisco Cuesta

Captivity doesn't allow elephants to express who they truly are.

The elephants we meet before sanctuary are very different than who they are after their arrival. But we always get little glimpses of personality from the very beginning. Although Mara has a very aggressive past, there is a sweetness and childlike innocence to her. In many ways, she reminds us of Rana. Mara may look tiny next to her monumental barn structure, Scott believes she is about the same size as Rana (who is very tall).



Mara squeaks, just like Rana, and Rana has some childlike emotional qualities as well. Even with the modest new freedom the transport crate allows (ability to see her caregivers more and reach out), Mara is showing new sides of herself. We can’t wait to see how significantly she blossoms once she arrives at Elephant Sanctuary Brazil.



54 years old



Forever Home

Elephant Sanctuary Brazil




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She is vocal and cute as can be!




Ex-circus elephant.




Overall good health with some chronic foot issues.  She has an old permanent injury to her right front wrist.



Body Condition

A tad tall with a bit of a belly.




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Her Story From Circus then Zoo...

Records indicate that Mara was born in India and sold to the Tiepark Hagenbeck Zoo in Hamburg, Germany. In 1970, she was bought and taken to Uruguay to perform in Circus Africa. A year later, they brought her to Argentina, where she was incorporated into the South American Circus.

In 1995, a decree was passed that prohibited the exploitation of animals in circus. On November 16th of that year, Mara arrived at the Buenos Aires Zoo as a judicial deposit. Mara was not alone upon arrival, Kuki and Pupi, two African female elephants, were already housed at the zoo. In 1993, at the age of three, they were brought to Buenos Aires. For 15 years, Mara, Kuki, and Pupi shared a space, until an incident in 2010, which resulted in Pupi being pushed into the moat surrounding their enclosure. Since that time, whenever Mara is outside, Kuki and Pupi are inside, and vice versa.

Ecoparque Buenos Aires is currently in the process of rehoming a significant population of their animals, many to sanctuaries. This will allow them to focus on native species and education, while expanding the habitats of the animals that will remain at the park. Kuki and Pupi will also be rehomed, the decision as to where they will be relocated has yet to be made.

Above photos: Mara at EcoParque Buenos Aires Sanctuary

Mara (with Rana) at Elephant Sanctuary Brazil

Ways to Support Mara

Adopt Her


We understand some elephants tug at your heartstrings, and Mara is no exception. If you would like to support our newest arrival because you are enamored with her sweet face, charmed by her innocence, or just want to welcome her to the sanctuary and show her she is loved- you can become her Ele-guardian.  ***Digital adoptions only at this time.  USPS adoptions coming soon.