Female Asian Elephant


At the hotel zoo, Rana was quiet and withdrawn but...


Became a master communicator within a few days at sanctuary

Spending time with Rana at the hotel before her rescue didn’t give us many clues as to who she was. Most of her days were spent eating, standing, or throwing something in demand for more food. Contact was not only something she did not desire, but she seemed uncomfortable with it. Rana was an elephant who was apparently a shell of her true self but, thankfully, she was ready for that to change.

At the sanctuary, Rana has become our loud girl. Joy is often brought to everyone’s day with the range of noises that come out of her and the volume in which she delivers them. If you hear a blaring trumpet up at the house, there is no question which elephant it is coming from. From her adorable squeaks to her fantastic deflated trumpets and her clear facial expressions, Rana shares her mood quite easily.



Introductions with Maia and Guida went very well, but Rana became a little clingy and Maia and Guida sent a clear message that she needed to give them a little bit of space. Instead of continuing to be pushy with her affection, she is learning the importance of listening to your friends and respecting the wishes of others. Rana is doing everything right, and the relationships with the other elephants continues to build positively.

While she works on her socialization skills, nothing holds her back from enjoying every little thing that sanctuary has to offer. The wonders of nighttime were one of her first discoveries, and when you would drive out to check on her, she would be glowing with glee. Rana exudes utter bliss throughout the day, whether she is swimming, coating herself with thick layers of mud, or quietly grazing from all nature has to offer. Her self-discovery has been astounding and will only continue with each passing day.


Read more about Rana in her diary.



63 years old (no official records)



Forever Home

Elephant Sanctuary Brazil




Rana Bug, RanaB




Rana is an amazing elephant, head of our welcoming committee.  She adjusts her actions to the needs of the other elephants.




Ex-circus elephant for 40 years, taken off the road, no history for two years, then sent to a zoo at a hotel on the coast of Brazil for 7 years.




Fused left elbow from injury at the age of 5.  Old foot issues on her left front.



Body Condition

Starting to show typical 60-year old age changes, losing muscle mass along her spine and hips.




Rana is a squeak machine whenever she leaves the barn after treatment.


From Circus and Zoos...

...to Sanctuary!

Ways To Support Rana

Rana's Daily Care

Support Rana's Daily Care

Getting elephants through the sanctuary gates is an enormous first step, but this is when the real work starts. You can help support Rana’s ailing body recover from a lifetime of neglect, while Maia and Lady help her soul to heal, with a general donation.

Adopt Her

Become Her Ele-Guardian

We all have a special place in our hearts for elephants, but there is often one that resonates more with each of us.  Rana is definitely a special lady and her cute squeak, serene face, and grounded personality are easy to fall in love with.  If Rana is ‘your girl’ you can show her some extra love and become her Ele-Guardian.