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Global Rumblings is a biweekly podcast dedicated to all things elephant. Featuring Global Sanctuary for Elephants co-founders Scott and Kat Blais, we’ll have in-depth discussions on topics ranging from sanctuary life, the ethics of captivity, physiology, and human and animal behavior. Hosted by Nadia Mari of Elephants in Japan and produced by a team of dedicated GSE volunteers, the wide-ranging, intimate conversations are sometimes fun, often frank, and offer listeners insight into the power of healing. We will bring you conversations that make you question what you know and leave you with powerful takeaways about animal and elephant welfare from a holistic point of view.

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Episode 4

Keeping an open perspective:  Kat & Scott explain how they shifted the focus from captive elephants not only in South America but globally, thus leading to the founding of GSE. 

While replicating TES (which Scott co-founded at the age of 21) might have seemed an obvious choice, other options like a halfway home in South America with the final destination in Cambodia were also considered before settling on Brazil, as 35 of the 50 captive elephants were located here. Listen to two funny and interesting stories of the many properties Scott & Kat looked at during their 30-day stay in Brazil. Back home in the US, it soon became clear that finalizing land deals via emails and phone calls was not going to work. A higher level of commitment was necessary, and their promise to Ramba was still waiting to be fulfilled.

The transcript of this episode is available here.

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