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Global Rumblings is a biweekly podcast dedicated to all things elephant. Featuring Global Sanctuary for Elephants co-founders Scott and Kat Blais, we’ll have in-depth discussions on topics ranging from sanctuary life, the ethics of captivity, physiology, and human and animal behavior. Hosted by Nadia Mari of Elephants in Japan and produced by a team of dedicated GSE volunteers, the wide-ranging, intimate conversations are sometimes fun, often frank, and offer listeners insight into the power of healing. We will bring you conversations that make you question what you know and leave you with powerful takeaways about animal and elephant welfare from a holistic point of view.

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Episode 27

Welcome home, Ramba!  (Ramba Part IX) –

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In this week’s podcast, we are on the road with Ramba, on the final part of her journey to sanctuary. Scott recalls that the convoy, escorted by the state police, was going well until the truck suddenly broke down on a hill. This unforeseen incident put a tremendous strain on Ramba. The unaccustomed heat, in comparison to a much cooler Chile, in addition to the tar roads and the lack of wind on the now-stationary convoy, made Scott as worried as he has ever been for the well-being of an elephant in all his transports. 

With a sheer stroke of luck, the transport truck is repaired, and the team set off. Further along, on the dirt road, rain clouds build up, and while not bringing rain, they cool off the air, offering Ramba much-needed relief. In her true style, Ramba leaves the crate, picks at some food, dusts herself, and falls asleep snoring on a sand pile. Kat recalls the big welcoming party at the sanctuary as this was their first international rescue, and how after things quieted down, she, Scott, and Ramba’s dedicated team of caregivers—who had poured so much of themselves into Ramba’s care—are elated to finally see their beloved grandma where she needs to be. 

Watch Ramba is home (Live feed) here.

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