Too few elephant sanctuaries exist in the world.

Global Sanctuary for Elephants exists to create vast, safe spaces for captive elephants, where they are able to heal physically and emotionally.  There are elephants around the world in need of sanctuary, but too few places exist to be able to care for even a fraction of the elephants.  International support is necessary to build sanctuaries for elephants in need of rescue and rehabilitation.  

The Crisis Facing Elephants & How We Are Helping

Mendoza elephants at zoo
Pocha & Guillermina (mother & daughter) at the Mendoza Zoo

Thousands of captive elephants in zoos and circuses around the world are suffering. Years of isolation, restraint, malnutrition, abuse, and lack of adequate exercise and proper medical care exact a harsh physical and psychological toll on these highly intelligent, sensitive, and social creatures.

Fortunately, our societies are becoming more aware of animal welfare and positive actions are being taken.  While all of these actions are commendable, they do not take into account that few people have the experience and knowledge to move these efforts forward – and a solution for these elephants simply doesn’t exist.  There is nowhere for them to go that meets their needs.  A life that replicates an elephant’s natural existence, with minimal human interference, where they are supported and cared for is what is necessary.  Sanctuary offers elephants that life.

Now, it’s up to us to create the future they desperately need and richly deserve.

Over 50 combined years of elephant experience

Guida, Scott and Kat
GSE Co-founders Scott & Kat Blais

CEO and Co-founder Scott Blais carries a lifetime of experience, working both with and for captive elephants for over 35 years, analyzing the impacts of captivity and advocating for protective legislation. He is a leading expert in natural habitat elephant sanctuary development and operation and the co-founder of two elephant sanctuaries: the largest one in North America (The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee) and the first and only sanctuary in South America (Elephant Sanctuary Brazil).

Co-founder and Director of Elephant Health & Well-Being, Kat Blais worked at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee for 6 years, participating in the direct daily care of up to 9 elephants.  Kat arrived at the sanctuary with more than 15 years of experience as a licensed veterinary technician and licensed wildlife rehabber.  She oversees the Wildlife Rehabilitation & Release Program and elephant health at ESB.

Why we chose Brazil for our initial sanctuary

Maia and Guida
Maia & Guida, rescued in 2016, at Elephant Sanctuary Brazil

Because we are committed to identifying opportunities where we can have the greatest impact, GSE actively monitors global progress in performing animal welfare legislation. Following careful analysis, Brazil was chosen as the location for our initial project, Elephant Sanctuary Brazil, to ensure that the growing number of elephants displaced by ongoing bans on performing animals across South America would be guaranteed compassionate care in an appropriate habitat.

Brazil also offers the benefit of a tropical climate, pristine waters, and lush vegetation which make a natural environment that is ideal for both Asian and African elephants, eliminating the need for complex, heated barn structures and freeing up funding for time-critical rescues and specialized medical treatment.

ESB is the first and only certified elephant sanctuary in South American and as such the only safe option for elephants rescued from captivity.


Our initial project is Elephant Sanctuary Brazil, the first and only elephant sanctuary in South America.  ESB follows the same beliefs that will guide the creation of all sanctuaries that GSE assists in developing.

Below Are 4 Integral Pieces of the Sanctuary Puzzle That We Provide


Vast wide open space to allow elephants to get lost within their own world of intuitive exploration


Both mental and physical stimulation – empowering them to think, move and function as they would in the wild


An emotionally nurturing environment that encourages elephants to communicate their fears and desires free from expectation


The companionship of a herd – allowing elephants incomparable support and the knowledge they are no longer alone

There Are Many Ways for You to Help the Elephants

The space, freedom, unconditional love and respect sanctuary provides simply cannot be duplicated. It is the only true healthy option for elephants in captivity.That is why we need your support to make sanctuary life a reality for elephants around the globe.