Happy Little Update on Pelusa

Pelusa at La Plata ZooA quick but happy little update. Pelusa’s caregivers measured her chest girth the other day to get an approximate weight. The zoo doesn’t have a scale for her, so it’s an easy way to track her weight loss/gain.

Her last measurement was April 4th, before Suz arrived (April 20th). According to her measurement now, Pelusa has gained 252 kilos, 555 lbs, since then. It’s not an exact, but the caregivers do an average of 3 measurements and it’s fairly accurate. Enough so that we know no matter what, she is gaining weight and heading in the right direction.

Please continue to send Pelusa your love, healing and positive thoughts as we continue to journey through the sea of bureaucracy that will finally lead her to sanctuary. ❤

May 21, 2018

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