Female Asian Elephant


Beyond the walls of her concrete pit, life did not exist to Guillermina...

Now, at sanctuary, she can watch the sun set on the horizon while exploring her new home.

Guillermina and her late mother Pocha thankfully had each other to get through each empty day at the Mendoza EcoParque in Argentina.  Their lives were stark and sterile, offering them very little aside from concrete, stone, and a glimpse of the sky above.  Guillermina spent 24 years in this world, never witnessing the sun rising or setting on the horizon or seeing the expanse of the world beyond.  Pocha did her best to raise her daughter in these conditions, trying to make up for all that was missing.

Guillermina has a youthful appearance with a small frame, taut skin, and is a little too round in the mid-section. Her entire life – until now – has been this “pit” of concrete. She had been restricted from exploring any form of dynamic life and, as a result, her insecurities ruled the few choices that she could make. Behind this veil of anxiety is a bundle of emotion, play, vigor, and zest that is ready to explode.

At the sanctuary, Guillermina never strayed too far from her mother, until Pocha’s death.  Everything was new to her – the sand, the grass, the mud, the space, the views and the other elephants.  When she first arrived at the sanctuary she was cautious, but curious.  It took Guillermina a little longer to explore, always allowing her mother to lead the way.  With each day that passes we can see the veil lifting and a glimpse of her true personality shining through.  She is learning to share space and build relationships with the other elephants gradually. But to see her explore the sanctuary with all it has to offer, knowing this is the beginning of the rest of her life, is truly magnificent.

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25 years old



Forever Home

Elephant Sanctuary Brazil








Guillermina has a big personality. She sometimes acts a little bit like a child with no boundaries, but she’s learning when to tone things down.




Guillermina was born at the Mendoza Ecoparque to
mother, Pocha, and father, Tamy.




No diagnosed issues



Body Condition

Was initially significantly overweight due to lack of exercise and poor diet at the zoo. She is now at a healthy weight.




Guillermina is only now learning elephant etiquette because her mom let her get away with everything while in Mendoza.


From a Concrete Pit at the Zoo... Sanctuary!

Ways To Support Guillermina

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Become Her Ele-Guardian

We all have a special place in our hearts for elephants, but there is often one that resonates more with each of us. If your heart warms at the thought of this young and growing girl, show her some extra love and become her Ele-Guardian.