Our pilot project, Elephant Sanctuary Brazil, is a new and foreign concept to some, but it’s not new to us. There are proven models with tremendous success. 

When our Co-founder Scott Blais co-founded The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, it was the first of its kind. They didn’t know what to expect when elephants were given vast space, but they knew elephants needed more than what captivity offered at the time. 

Now, we can say without a doubt, that sanctuary works for everyone: the elephants, the community, the habitat, and the wildlife. Sanctuary is a true win-win!

above: Guida at Elephant Sanctuary Brazil, Ramba at the roadside zoo in Chile, Maia at Elephant Sanctuary Brazil

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How You Can Help

Quoting Mahatma Gandhi “The only possible revolution is inside us.” We all have to start to live smarter, consume less and think about the impact of all life that we share our fragile planet with. We can all make a difference with our daily actions and living a more conscious and empathetic life.

To help elephants, donate, share our work and help to educate others. We are the ones that have brought elephants into captivity, we need to be the ones to give back, to return their dignity and provide them with a life worth living.