Providing elephants with…

the support to heal from past emotional and physical traumas, a herd to feel the understanding and companionship only another elephant can provide and the space and freedom to rediscover what it truly means to be an elephant

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Meet Maia

Once referred to as the ‘bad girl’, defensive and hardened, at sanctuary Maia blossomed into a silly and joyous being who showed she was simply waiting to be loved.

Read her Diary

Help Bring Ramba to Sanctuary

    • Ramba Campaign

      After 40 years of being forced to perform circus tricks and another six years waiting at a roadside zoo for a better life to come along, Ramba is just steps away from the happy ending she deserves. You can be a part of changing her life forever and bringing her to sanctuary by donating towards the cost of Ramba's air and ground transportation.
      $103,068.00 donated of $250,000.00 goal

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