Be a part of giving captive elephants in Latin America a 2nd chance. A beautiful life at our Elephant Sanctuary Brazil.

Global Sanctuary
for Elephants

Be part of giving captive
elephants in Latin America
a 2nd chance.  A beautiful
life at our Elephant
Sanctuary Brazil.

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The Crisis Facing Elephants and How We Are Helping

Mendoza elephants at zoo

The Global Crisis Facing Elephants

Thousands of captive elephants in zoos and circuses around the world are suffering. Year after year of isolation…Read More

Guida, Scott and Kat

Over 40 Combined Years of Elephant Experience

CEO and Co-founder Scott Blais carries a lifetime of experience, working both with and for captive elephants… Read More

Maia and Guida

Elephant Sanctuary Brazil: Our Pilot Project

Because we are committed to identifying opportunities where we can have the greatest impact… Read More

Meet Our Elephants


When we met her she was on guard and defensive, ready to lash out at anyone who tried to hurt her.  Now she is a ball of joy.

Read her Diary

Ways to Help

Help Care for Rana

Rana's Care CampaignNOW IT’S TIME TO HEAL

Rana is one of the lucky few elephants to make it to sanctuary. She will live out the rest of her days in nature, respected and no longer alone. But sanctuary is more than space. Rana’s age and condition will require in-depth care and you can help provide her with the tangible items she needs to heal. 


There Are Many Ways To Help

Help Elephants
Donate towards their care at sanctuary and future rescues.
Become an Ele-guardian to an elephant that has touched your heart.
Stay Connected
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Gifts for Elephants
Buy the ladies everything from a snack to needed medical supplies.

Latest News

Come here to find the most recent updates on impending rescues and sanctuary development.


Ramba's Status

Ramba’s rescue has been a test of patience, with a pace determined by bureaucracy. As we push forward for approval of her CITES permits…Update Coming Shortly

Scott Blais

Construction Status

The sanctuary is a constantly growing and evolving place. The sooner we build, the more elephants we can rescue. Right now we are working on…Read More


Mendoza4's Status

We knew their journey would be long, with all of the hurdles in their path, but they continue to get closer to sanctuary. Starting in September…Read More

From Our Blog

Overview of Guida’s Bout with Colic

This video was actually from the morning we found Guida…

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Guida is Doing Very Well!

Guida update- It’s a quickie because it’s our hectic Fridays.…

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Guida Continues to Improve

Guida update: Lovely Guida this morning with Maia sneaking up…

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