There is an Acronym: DWYSYWD


Without your support, we can do nothing.  With your support, we are building a safe haven where elephants will spend the rest of their lives surrounded by space, respect, companionship, and choice.  This is what we have told you we will do, and we are doing it now. We invite you to review our financial documents below as validation to the work we are doing together.    Thank you for sharing in our belief that
every elephant matters.

Charity Ratings

We are not currently rated by Charity Watchdog or Charity Navigator, as both of these organizations only rate charities with over $1,000,000 in revenue. Charity Navigator requires two years revenue of $1,000,000 or greater before providing a rating.  This is something to keep in mind for all charities not rated by either organization; it doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t great charities, but it may mean that they could really use your donation.

Every dollar makes a difference.  Every Share grows our family.   Every one of us can make a difference.