• GuidaFemale Asian elephant
  • Age: 43 years old
  • Body condition: Arrived in 2016 1,000 lbs underweight, still has about 250 lbs. to gain. She is very leggy
  • History: Ex-circus elephant for approximately 30 years, confiscated, but with nowhere to go, chained on circus farm for 5 years
  • Current location: Elephant Sanctuary Brazil
  • Personality: Our grounded and grateful girl, with a slight touch of ‘punk’
  • Health: Needs to gain a bit more weight and a little more muscle
  • Factoid: Guida rumbles when she is thankful, but also when she is about to do something naughty.
  • Nicknames- ‘Sweet Rumbles’ ‘Guidakins’ ‘Guida Pita PunkinEater’

Re-birth Date: Rescued October 10, 2016 with Maia

Guida is a gem. She is stubborn, a little serious, a little playful and seems to remain connected to the bigger picture. She loves eating what the habitat has to offer, but is very particular in what she eats and how she eats is. There is a refinement to almost all of her actions- 3 leaves from this tree, 2 from this, and a perfectly folded palm. She’s a lady. The most pleasant surprise after her arrival is that she is mentally much stronger than our first visits with her at the circus, led us to believe.

Guida before sanctuary

Guida, in chains at the farm, before coming to sanctuary

When we visited the farm of the circus lawyer, where her and Maia had been chained for years, Guida was lost in her constant bobbing and swaying. She spent about 95% of her day stereotyping and was so withdrawn that human interaction wasn’t cause to stop, she would even sway while eating. This developed of a stereotype can be hard for an elephant to pull out of, but Guida quickly showed upon her arrival at sanctuary, that she longed to embrace the world around her- she just needed something worth embracing.

Although her and Maia’s past relationship had been unhealthy, they both chose to take advantage of their new beginning and put the negativity far behind them. Guida took the lead, forgave Maia and helped Maia work through her insecurities and rejoice in their new life. They spent the majority of their first year never far from each other, redefining their relationship and learning what it means to be a true herd member. Guida has the potential to be a gentle and empathetic leader, but her explorer side may win out over her nurturing side.  

There is still plenty more left to Guida’s journey of self-discovery, but she always seems to look forward to the ‘more’ that lies ahead. She always remains confident in whatever comes her way, seeming to realize that in the end, it will be all right. How grounded she is will make her a wonderful welcoming elephants for all of those that follow. We look forward to seeing how her beautiful soul continues to develop.  Give to support her care.