(updated 7/1/20)


Construction Update

We’re on a mission!  Kenya’s fenceposts are going up!
training walls construction
Kenya at the Mendoza Zoo
fence construction

Female African Habitat

A well digging company has been on grounds for a week, with the plan to create two wells. Unfortunately, so far things have been somewhat of a bust. They will most likely return next week.

Fencepost Counter
182 fenceposts, all with horizontals, as of 7/1/20

408 Fenceposts
182 Fenceposts

Rescue Update

There is always work to be done on elephant rescues.


** Update on Kuky and Pupy **

 EcoParque Buenos Aires has signed a decree donating Kuky and Pupy to Elephant Sanctuary Brazil. There is still a tremendous amount of work to be done and other elephants scheduled to be rescued before them. They will be coming to ESB sometime in 2021. We will post any significant updates along the way.

Pocha at the Mendoza Zoo


Ecoparque Mendoza, Argentina
female Asian

The team at the Buenos Aires EcoParque is now helping the Mendoza EcoParque with all of the paperwork and permits. Since they successfully navigated the process for Mara, they are incredibly helpful.

Guillermina at the Mendoza Zoo


Ecoparque Mendoza, Argentina
female Asian

Due to Covid-19 and the closing of Argentina’s borders, we must now find a solution for training P&G. Karissa can no longer enter Argentina so we are looking for solutions within the country.

Kenya at the Mendoza Zoo


Ecoparque Mendoza, Argentina
female African

Kenya’s caregiver continues to work with Kenya on minor foot care and she continues to be a total rockstar.



Ecoparque Mendoza, Argentina
male Asian

We hope to still be able to begin fundraising for Tamy’s barn and habitat sometime during the summer.

Sanctuary Herd Update

We share daily updates on the girls through our blog posts and on social media (facebook, instagram and twitter).



female Asian
Maia is making her sanctuary rounds. She spends some time close to Mara and Rana, some time on her own, exploring every nook and cranny, and other times hanging out close to Lady for fence time meals and ‘conversations’. Still functioning on two speeds, sleepy and zooming.



female Asian
Rana is just cute. She starts her days lazily with a cheesy grin. Slow to motivate or do much besides hang out with Mara. In the afternoon she is a speed demon, racing to dinner and wherever else she needs to get to. No worries, she often stops to make sure her friend is right behind her.



female Asian
It has become routine for Lady to share space in the big yards with Mara and Rana. We haven’t seen any touching, but it’s a nice change in routine and opportunity for socializing for all three. Her feet are maintaining and she continues to be light and sweet.  ……………………   



female Asian
Mara is coming out of her shell bit by bit. It seems she is starting to understand and trust in everything around her. She relies less on the comfort of Rana, but still enjoys having her friend close, ‘talking’ to and touching her. We continue to hear their nightime parties each evening.

Why They Need You


Thousands of captive elephants in zoos and circuses around the world are suffering. Year after year of isolation, restraint, malnutrition, abuse, and lack of adequate exercise and proper medical care exact a harsh physical and psychological toll.

In October 2016,  we made Elephant Sanctuary Brazil a reality with the rescue of our first two female Asian elephants – Maia and Guida. Rana was rescued in 2018, and in 2019 Ramba and Lady became the newest members of the small herd.  Our current progress shows that we have come incredibly far, but there’s still a tremendous amount of work to be done.

There are more elephants waiting for a chance at their own healing journeys like the one Maia, Guida, Rana, Ramba and Lady have taken. GSE can provide the expertise and knowledge but we need your support to make sanctuary a reality for other captive elephants.

Together we are part of the solution for captive elephants.  We are grateful beyond words to you for giving these elephants the second chance they deserve and are so desperately in need of.

The Formula Is Simple

The sooner we can build, the sooner elephants come to sanctuary.
Tamy at Mendoza Zoo
Tamy at EcoParque Mendoza

Keep Caring. Keep Sharing.

Together we are changing everything for these elephants so desperately in need.