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Construction Update

There is always work to be done!
male barn
Flight Cage 2

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Construction continues on the male Asian habitat. The barn and three stalls in the barn are finished, and we added a retaining wall to protect the structure during rainy season. The first yard’s fencing has also been completed and both Lady and Rana have spent time there. Though we knew that the fences would be larger than those of the female habitat, it’s quite impressive to see how tall and sturdy they are when they are in front of you. Fencing takes the longest time, since it requires miles of steel be installed, but we’re proud of the work that’s being accomplished. Now that the rainy season has begun, it’s safer for us to weld the fences; we have to be incredibly careful during dry season. So, we expect work to continue in earnest as the days go by.

The barn and the first three yards of the female African habitat have been completed and are ready for Kenya, Pupy, and Kuky. (See the photo above.) We will need to expand that habitat shortly after their arrival in order to give them the necessary room to explore, heal, and learn how to be elephants again. You can donate to this expansion through our Room 2 Roam fundraiser or via the general donation page.

Our construction crew is in the process of completing a large flight cage for birds in the rehabilitation program. It’s a large structure, 21 meters by 8 meters long and 5 meters high. This will allow birds which are brought to us by local authorities to strengthen their flight skills before being released back into the wild.

Rescue Updates

All for the elephants


Update on Elephants Waiting for Sanctuary

  Tamy has recently been given access to their Pocha and Guillermina’s old area at the ecoparque.  Mendoza contracted Ingo to begin his positive reinforcement training, which he will need to learn behaviors necessary for import into Brazil. These requirements are government dictated and were created to protect animals in Brazil. They include vaccinations, blood tests, parasite treatment, and other things.  Right now, it is all about introducing Tamy to the concept of positive reinforcement training. As an ex-circus elephant, the only type of training he knows is dominance based. So, learning he is rewarded for performing a certain behavior versus punished when he doesn’t do as he is asked is a big first lesson.

The initial visit with Ingo lasted for a few weeks and now the ecoparque staff will need to take what they have learned and continue on from there. This is only the beginning of Tamy’s training and he still has a lot to learn, but it’s a positive step.

Kenya is currently scheduled to come to ESB next, though she, Kuky, and Pupy are still waiting on permits to be approved. Kuky and Pupy’s Argentinian export permits have been approved and we are now waiting on their import permits for Brazil. GSE applied for all three import permits on July 22, 2022, and we are still waiting on Brazil to approve them. Due to their extreme delay in approving her permits, Kenya’s Argentinian export permits have expired, and Mendoza has already applied for renewal. Unfortunately, this level of bureaucracy is something that can’t be avoided when moving elephants from one country to another in South America.  


 Check social media and our blog for updates from Mendoza during this time.

Kenya at the Mendoza Zoo


Ecoparque Mendoza, Argentina
female African



Ecoparque Mendoza, Argentina
male Asian

Kuky and Pupy

Kuky & Pupy

Ecoparque Buenos Aires, Argentina
female Africans

Sanctuary Herd Update

We share daily updates on the girls through our blog posts and on social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter).



female Asian

Maia and Bambi’s friendship has blossomed in a way that we didn’t expect. After Bambi and Mara seemed to have a rift, Maia stepped in to fill a void in Bambi’s life. The two have become nearly inseparable. We’ve seen more love and excitement emanating from Bambi than we’ve observed since Guida died. We don’t know where their friendship will go from here, but both seem delighted with the other’s company these days. Maia continues to have fun times with Guillermina as well, as the two like to have a good roughhousing session every now and again.



female Asian

Rana has been spending the majority of her time with Mara, now that Mara and Bambi have been taking a break from one another. Still, she is using her special talent for giving others what they need by casually stopping by to check on Bambi and Maia from time to time. They recently shared a meal and a conversation – though what they talked about will remain their secret. She continues to enjoy time in the farther parts of the yard, especially Yard 5. Rana spends some time with Guillermina, since Guille seems to be splitting her time between the two groups of girls: Maia and Bambi and Rana and Mara.



female Asian

 Mara seems to have broken away from Bambi these days, choosing to spend her time most frequently with Mara – though Guillermina sometimes wanders over for company. We’re not sure exactly why Mara has decided not to be friends with Bambi lately, but it’s possible that it may have something to do with her background living with African elephants. African elephants are equally as emotionally intelligent as Asian elephants, but express themselves differently. Mara has shared space with Bambi, but not without Bambi’s protector, Maia, nearby.

update bambi


female Asian

Bambi’s friend group has changed dramatically in the last few months. She and Mara seem to have broken apart and Bambi seems confused about why. However, she has found a new close friend in Maia. The two of them are nearly inseparable these days, as Maia has begun to act as a sort of protector of Bambi. Bambi seems most comfortable with Maia nearby. She is also dealing with cataracts in both eyes now, which is undoubtedly causing her to have more vision problems. That may be increasing her insecurity and need for a close friend. We’re delighted by the new duo and their tendency to trumpet and rumble their happiness quite often.

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female Asian

Guillermina continues to have strong relationships with Bambi and Maia, spending a great deal of time with Maia and having some play time with Bambi. With the break in friendship between Mara and Bambi, the herd has somewhat split into two groups: Maia and Bambi, and Rana and Mara. Guille has lots of energy, so she’s on the move almost constantly, so she stops by to visit each group as she passes through. Guillermina is learning when the others are ready for her company, which is increasingly more often. This may be because she knows she has a couple of playmates that will keep her company when she has a lot of energy.

Why They Need You


Thousands of captive elephants in zoos and circuses around the world are suffering. Year after year of isolation, restraint, malnutrition, abuse, and lack of adequate exercise and proper medical care exact a harsh physical and psychological toll.

In October 2016,  we made Elephant Sanctuary Brazil a reality with the rescue of our first two female Asian elephants – Maia and Guida. Seven other elephants have called ESB home since then.  Our current progress shows that we have come incredibly far, but there’s still a tremendous amount of work to be done.

There are more elephants waiting for a chance at their own healing journeys like the ones Maia, Guida, Rana, Ramba, Lady, Mara, Bambi, Pocha, and Guillermina have taken. GSE can provide the expertise and knowledge, but we need your support to make sanctuary a reality for other captive elephants.

Together we are part of the solution for captive elephants.  We are grateful beyond words to you for giving these elephants the second chance they deserve and are so desperately in need of.

The Formula Is Simple

The sooner we can build, the sooner elephants come to sanctuary.
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Tamy at Mendoza Zoo
Tamy at EcoParque Mendoza

Keep Caring. Keep Sharing.

Together we are changing everything for these elephants so desperately in need.