(updated 4/18/21)

Construction Update

There is always work to be done!
s&j kitchen
cooler and walls

The list is forever growing

Sanctuary work is never done, which is ok because it means we’re growing and progress is being made. The new elephant kitchen now has most of the concrete walls up; the bathrooms are just being finished. The roof is done, the kitchen sink, coating for the walls, and the light and bathroom fixtures all arrived this morning. Our goats, Sally and Jorgie are a little sad that they can’t hang out in there anymore, but we’re pleased with the progress.

As you can see from the counter below, construction on the African fenceline is cruising along. With our outside fence team hard at work, the three initial yards should be complete before Kenya’s permits are finalized. There is still a lot of work to do- supports welded in place for each horizontal, 3 rows of horizontal pipes welded onto the verticals, gates finished, and training walls built. But it is looking good.


Fencepost Counter
410 vertical fenceposts,
264 with horizontals, as of 4/18/21

506 Fenceposts
410 Fenceposts

Rescue Updates

All for the elephants


Update on The Mendoza4

(photos and page links below)

People and elephants in Mendoza are doing well. The crates arrived a couple of weeks ago and that threw a wrench in training for a little bit. After a couple of decades of not much being new, the crates were exciting and distracting, causing Pocha and Guillermina to have to process the change. The girls were able to settle after a bit and are mostly back on track at this point.


Tamy and Kenya are doing fine as well. Tamy has a wrist that doesn’t have full range of motion right now, but everything else is similar to how it was the last visit. Kenya continues to receive minor foot trimming and is showing she’s still the star pupil. Check social media and our blog for updates from Mendoza during this time.

Pocha at the Mendoza Zoo


Ecoparque Mendoza, Argentina
female Asian

Guillermina at the Mendoza Zoo


Ecoparque Mendoza, Argentina
female Asian

Kenya at the Mendoza Zoo


Ecoparque Mendoza, Argentina
female African



Ecoparque Mendoza, Argentina
male Asian

Sanctuary Herd Update

We share daily updates on the girls through our blog posts and on social media (facebook, instagram and twitter).



female Asian

Maia is continuing to do her exploration rounds of the Asian habitat. While she does pass by Mara, Rana, and Bambi, she doesn’t often stop for any length of time. She has taken a nap in the pond in yard 4 while the others were by the wallow, but that was her longest visit since the four have been sharing space. She is still unsure when around them, but not to the point where she avoids them altogether.



female Asian

Rana has been everyone’s friend these past few weeks. While she does spend most of her time with Bambi and Rana, she also decides to be lazy at times and stay behind when they wander off, grazing on her own. When Rana comes closer to the barn, we take the opportunity to have her share space with Maia and also Lady (not at the same time.) She is a grounding presence for both.



female Asian

Lady continues to stay somewhat close to the barn, receiving extra care and trimming on her feet. During these times, she is also benefiting from repeat exposure to Mara, Rana, and Bambi, and the silliness that accompanies them most nights. While initially, Lady would leave if they were too excited, now she has grown used to it and stays to enjoy extra snacks.



female Asian

 Mara continues to do well since her recent bout with retained gas. So far, we have not seen any repeat incidences and her appetite has been stable. She now isn’t quite as picky as she had been over the past months, although she has her moments. Her last weigh-in she actually gained a tiny bit of weight, but it’s the first time she has put on pounds since her GI issues started many months ago.



female Asian

Bambi continues to be just off of Mara’s hip throughout most hours of the day. She does still enjoy her Rana time, but sometimes Mara will walk away during these moments, and then Bambi has to go find her. Bambi seems to prefer having both Rana and Mara around her, since no matter which of the two elephants is out of sight, she will call them using her deep rumbles until they show up.

Why They Need You


Thousands of captive elephants in zoos and circuses around the world are suffering. Year after year of isolation, restraint, malnutrition, abuse, and lack of adequate exercise and proper medical care exact a harsh physical and psychological toll.

In October 2016,  we made Elephant Sanctuary Brazil a reality with the rescue of our first two female Asian elephants – Maia and Guida. Five other elephants have called ESB home since then.  Our current progress shows that we have come incredibly far, but there’s still a tremendous amount of work to be done.

There are more elephants waiting for a chance at their own healing journeys like the one Maia, Guida, Rana, Ramba, Lady, Mara, and Bambi have taken. GSE can provide the expertise and knowledge but we need your support to make sanctuary a reality for other captive elephants.

Together we are part of the solution for captive elephants.  We are grateful beyond words to you for giving these elephants the second chance they deserve and are so desperately in need of.

The Formula Is Simple

The sooner we can build, the sooner elephants come to sanctuary.
Tamy at Mendoza Zoo
Tamy at EcoParque Mendoza

Keep Caring. Keep Sharing.

Together we are changing everything for these elephants so desperately in need.