The Stalls Are Going Up For Kenya!

female African barnThe stalls are going up at Kenya’s future home!

This week the panels that have been welded are being put up to form the interior stalls of the African barn. As the panels are being lifted, positioned and secured, more are being welded. Stalls going up means we will be seeing our concrete driver a lot over the next few weeks. What you see erected in the photo, which is two exit ways and the back wall between them, along with part of the dividing wall of two stalls, will require a full truckload of cement.

If you would like to help us build the barn and remain part of it forever, there is a way. You can visit our Wishlist listing for commemorative concrete.  Your donation will purchase one cubic meter of concrete and we will write your name (or someone else’s) into the wet cement of the African Care Center and send you a photo. This item is a limited opportunity-construction should hopefully finish up within another 6 weeks.

September 7, 2018



7/15/18  Drone Footage of The Sanctuary (showing location of the Asian and African barns)

7/14/18  African Barn Construction Can Begin!

10/5/17  The New African Barn is Horse Tested and Approved!

8/23/17  A Barn is Born

Kenya at Mendoza Zoo waiting for rescue
Kenya at the Mendoza Zoo


















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