A Barn is Born


Female African barn constructionScott and I went down to the worksite to watch the last big cross beam lifted onto the African Care Center this afternoon. Technically it’s just metal and concrete but there’s this uplifting feeling as you come around the corner and see the structure reveal itself.

We know Kenya will be coming to sanctuary, but it’s different when you stand in a space where their future is coming together right before your eyes. Just a few weeks ago this space was grass and shrubs and today it is beginning to look like home.

Walking around we talked about what was going to be where, different features we could implementand laughing at the concerns that come with African elephants who seem to be able to stretch 5 feet past where you would think their limits are. Of course everything is built with that in consideration, but it’s still fun to remember times where certain elephants became rubber and stretched for things left just a touch too close.

Since the progress brought us joy and made it easier to envision the arrival of African elephants to sanctuary, we wanted to share it with you as well.

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