Bugsy & The Other Sanctuary Residents

Bugsy the dogPeople often ask how Bugsy is doing- and this photo embodies how. He is wonky in the best ways. Bugsy is great, an incredibly loyal boy who has stellar fits of brain freeze.

For those who have followed us for some time, or know us personally, you know we pay the same respect to every animal that lives at sanctuary. From the wild animals that cross our paths, to the chickens and dogs, they are all respected and loved.
We have a page that is dedicated to our other sanctuary animals, so people can get to know them as well. You can go to our Other Sanctuary Residents page to learn more about our pups that came from TN, the kittens that were delivered in a box before we even found a sanctuary property in Brazil and see how wonderfully everyone coexists.

September 8, 2018


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