Side By Side And Ready To Be Fed

Maia and GuidaWhile sometimes we find Maia and Guida deep within the habitat and in different areas, like the video from yesterday, other days they are side by side and ready to be fed.

Sometimes people ask about the girls being apart, as if it is a bad thing. Them being comfortable not being next to each other all of the time isn’t negative in any way. Some of the elephants we have worked with would panic a bit if their friend walked off while they were napping. It was usually due to being insecure. Maia and Guida are both confident ladies who do love their time together, but are also comfortable wandering away if one wants a drink and the other does not or if they simply want to be somewhere else. 

The longer they are together, the closer they get. They have definitely been side by side much more since venturing into the new area. But it’s also great that they are independent enough to explore on their own knowing their friend is never more than a trumpet or loud bellow away.

July 10, 2018


Maia and Guida

Here are a few food items off of their WISH LIST.  We will be very happy to provide delivery service.  🙂

BRAN:  We will be feeding bran in smaller quantities with their oats. It is high in iron and helps bind all of the grains together along with the molasses and supplements that will be added to their diets.  $14 for 44 pounds

OATS:  Oats are a grain loved by elephants, but they are also high in fiber and contain a unique antioxidant compound that reduces the risk of heart disease. We’ve never known an elephant to turn them away, but there’s always a first ????  $34 for 66 pounds

BLACKSTRAP MOLASSES:  It was actually quite a project to find unsulfered blackstrap molasses in Brazil. Now that we have, aside from having a little celebration, we need to stock a few bottles. This is something that is used to mix in the elephants’ grain to allow the addition of other much needed supplements. The elephants love the taste, but it also provides many minerals including iron.  $7 per bottle


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    Susan Hunt says

    I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoy these updates. The photos are so stunning and the narrative is captivating. Love the live audio. I am so glad I get an update by email as soon as there is a new post. Believe me it makes my day to check in on these darlings! Of course I want to buy them supper! I think there is a place on the site to do that. I will take a look. There are other sanctuaries I support but you are hands-down my favorite! (FYI… second is David Sheldrick. Love those babies!) So many heroes doing important work everyday and bless you all…

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