Update From Consu About Sweet Ramba

RambaHere’s an update from Consu about our sweet Ramba in Chile. We are still working on pushing her paperwork through and her transport crate is almost finished and will be on its way to Chile soon.

“After a few days just cleaning everything thanks to the beautiful rain, the sun come to say hello to us. The air is more light more soft and the sky i never see so blue !!! Mama enjoy her naps resting between the fence warming her body, she looks lovely, trunk relax half closed eyes and she shine in the middle of the dry grass in the yard we have a little spots where the grass try to grow and we pray for that !! Our mama need it and she love it of course.

We while have crazy days in the park tomorrow started the “winter holidays” and many people come to the park, this weekend was like that many dinos and people taking safaris, we try to keep us in our own world and avoid the screams and the noises. Always trying to keep our space in peace and mama happy, what amazing patience have Rambita !!!! She is just perfect ! Great week guys thanks always for let me be part of Ramba, she is my North. ????????????????

July 11, 2018


  1. REPLY
    fr says

    Amazing post!! Consu ser wonderful!! We love Rambita!! ❤????

  2. REPLY
    Linda Lalonde says

    Consu, your updates are so beautiful and poetic…. it is easy to ‘see’ what you are describing! Thank you! Love to Rambita and you!

  3. REPLY
    Sherry says

    Beautiful elephant!!!

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