Rana is Home!!

Volume on!!!

For those going through live feed withdrawal, sorry. Besides still not having power, internet only reaches just around the barn. The habitat offers nothing, so recorded video it will have to be. We also want to apologize because although we always answer questions, we aren’t around to do so right now. Spending all of our time watching the girls and how their socialization is developing.

On that note, we took the ladies for a walk today to the pond. We weren’t sure if Rana was going to want to go that far, but Maia and Guida seemed to need to go for a walk. They’re used to being out and about and although they’re choosing to stay close to the barn with Rana, it was affecting their overall disposition. You could tell they were bored.

As we began to take the girls away, Maia easily followed (very food motivated and loves her pond) with Guida lagging behind. Once Guida rounded the bend Rana appeared shortly after. For the issues Rana has with her front leg, from her circus days, she can definitely keep up.

It was a hot morning so Maia and Guida went into the pond straight away. After about two minutes, Rana came around the corner and both ladies came out to welcome her and that is what you are seeing in the video. They did not go swimming after that, there was a big rain storm and they all coated themselves with mud instead.

We stayed outside of the fence, quietly at a distance, watching their interactions to make sure everything stays positive. There has been some posturing from both Maia and Guida, at different times, but Rana is playing the role of submissive, sweet and engaging, so everything has been going very well.

We will keep you posted when we can. 

December 23, 2018
(Note: due to internet and power issues we have not been able to update our blog for several crucial days now.  We will add videos of Rana’s arrival at sanctuary and shortly after to her page as we are able to get them uploaded.  It was our hope to keep all of our blog readers updated as Rana arrived at sanctuary, met Maia and Guida and went out into the habitat with them but unfortunately the lack of power and internet made that impossible.  We hope to be back with regular updates very soon.  As you can see above, Rana is doing great!)


  1. REPLY
    Kelejan says

    This is wonderful.

  2. REPLY
    Sherry says

    Rana says, Hallelujah I am home!! I have my sisters too!! I pray for their happiness!!

    Thank you for sanctuary, Scott and Kat!!!

  3. REPLY
    Sherry says

    OMG, such a happy sight!!

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