All Three Together – No Barriers

As promised, this is the video from when Rana, Maia and Guida met without a barrier between them, for the first time. The video is not edited, so you an see everything as it happened.

Maia actually walked through the divider fence first while Guida was grazing. Maia definitely saw Rana, but her insecurities came through and she was hesitant to walk over to her. Instead she stayed up by us just outside of the barn. Once Guida realized what was going on, she walked right over.

Since they had already met with a gate and fence between each other, this wasn’t truly their ‘first’ meeting, and it was rather uneventful. Uneventful is what we hope for. Scott and I are both watching closely, with buckets of food, just in case someone seems to get a little more intense or their face changes or tightens, but all of the girls remained relaxed.

After all three settled in, they stayed at this tree eating hay and grazing for about an hour and a half before all three ladies wandered off into the next yard.

You can learn more about Rana’s past and her new friends at the link below.


December 25, 2018


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    Sherry says

    Checking each other out!! I love it!! Rana is good natured. I love her!!

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