This page chronicles Rana’s history, rescue and her first days at sanctuary.  Please use this link to read about, and watch, Rana’s amazing healing journey at sanctuary with her new herd.


Rescue is just the first step.  Now it’s time for Rana to heal at sanctuary.


Rescue is just the first step.  Now it’s time for Rana to heal.

photo: Rana at the hotel zoo

Her body shows the road that led her to this point was harsh.  Her emotions remain masked, waiting for someone who will listen and accept. Isolated and alone, with a history unknown, it is time for Rana to experience life as it should be. It’s time for her to come to sanctuary.

Videos of Rana's Arrival and First Days at Sanctuary


Rana’s First Steps into Sanctuary


Rana’s First Morning at Sanctuary


Rana Rumbles


First Meetings With no Barriers


The Girls All Together


Rana, Maia and Guida at the Pond

The Latest Updates on Rana's Journey From Zoo to Sanctuary!

Follow Along On Rana's Final Trip Home

There is an entire team that will be accompanying Rana on her trip to sanctuary, both from GSE and ESB. Scott will head the team and arrive to the hotel with Daniel in time to set up her transport container. The rest of our team shows up at different times on different days, including our veterinarian. Enough people to ensure Rana has everything she needs, including peace from media and curious on-lookers along the way. The trip will also have a federal police escort, to ensure safety.

During the entire trip, Rana’s team will stay right behind her or next to her, stop when she stops and go when she goes. Rana is precious cargo and will be loved, supported and protected the entire trip.  How long the trip takes will be dependent completely on Rana, but we anticipate it taking about 4-5 days.

RANA IS HOME!!  We will continue to post updates as they become available!

Rescue Is the 1st Step. Healing Comes Next.

Rana’s age and condition will require in-depth care and you can help provide her with the tangible items she needs to heal. 

Rana's Tragic Past History


Rana Is a Mystery


Rana’s life is full of unknowns. She was a circus elephant who was carted across the globe for the majority of her life. Once significant state bans on performing animals were passed throughout Brazil, Rana was pulled off the road and essentially disappeared. There are news snippets that tell of an elephant wandering loose and one chained to a trailer on a farm. Reports state she spent some time in a Brazilian Zoo, but there are no records to support it. Her age is guessed to be between 43 and 64- depending upon who you speak to.



The hotel where she currently resides, offered her a home when she had none. But they are well aware that they can’t provide her with what an elephant needs to be happy and physically thrive; their love is not enough. They have graciously decided to donate her to Elephant Sanctuary Brazil where she will no longer be alone and will be able to discover who she really is.

Although Rana is part of the hotel’s zoo, she is far removed from all of the people and animals, disconnected from all living beings around her. This life has caused her to be withdrawn, residing deep within herself, only sharing momentary glimpses of her personality. This sullenness is sometimes mistaken for being passive and calm, allowing her to easily act out to elicit a response from those around her. It’s clear she understands her ability to create these situations, her actions are minimal, just enough to cause a break in the monotony of her everyday.

Rana’s skin is smooth, almost oddly smooth, lending to the theory of her age being over 50. But it’s her eyes that tell the fuller story, it’s like she is wearing a veil. Instead of being full of life and bright, they show a sadness and resignation to a lifetime of struggle.



The beautiful part…….this can all change once she is rescued and brought to sanctuary. What lies within this beautiful face is not yet fully known but her true spirit will be quick to emerge.  Already, she shifts from sullen and quiet to expressive and engaged and even a little mischievous.  With her bright eyes, head held high and ears standing out to the side, she puts on the front of being a tough girl but quickly the edge dissipates with an apparent, “yeah that’s right, wink, wink.”   There is no doubt that with the help of Maia and Guida, Rana won’t take long to let our her inner silly and share with the world who she really is. Please be part of helping to welcome her to her new home and family.

Please help rescue Rana.

Because of Your Help, Rana has Come Home to Maia & Guida