$5000 Campaign Prize Awarded GSE!

Small but mighty- our dedicated supporters won last week’s challenge for Ramba and GSE!!! Competing against much larger organizations, you gave it your all and helped earn Ramba $5000 in prize money ($7500 total so far.)

Thank you to everyone who took the time to create a team and for those of you who took the extra steps in donating to someone’s team last week. Every dollar helps us bring Ramba closer to sanctuary and 5000 of them is always a nice bonus. 

Thank you for your commitment to our work, mission and present and future elephants. It’s funny because when there is any competition that includes voting or something people have to put an effort in to participate, we know you will give any group a run for their money. Time after time you have shown it to be true, and this time was no different.

We don’t mind being small but scrappy, it has gotten us this far, it brought Maia and Guida to sanctuary and will continue to aid us in doing unheard of rescues, such as four elephants from the same zoo. Thank you all for being devoted to changing the lives of elephants in South America- you will help define the face of captivity for decades to come.

In this together 

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