$5000 Campaign Prize Awarded GSE!

Small but mighty- our dedicated supporters won last week’s challenge for Ramba and GSE!!! Competing against much larger organizations, you gave it your all and helped earn Ramba $5000 in prize money ($7500 total so far.)

Thank you to everyone who took the time to create a team and for those of you who took the extra steps in donating to someone’s team last week. Every dollar helps us bring Ramba closer to sanctuary and 5000 of them is always a nice bonus. 

Thank you for your commitment to our work, mission and present and future elephants. It’s funny because when there is any competition that includes voting or something people have to put an effort in to participate, we know you will give any group a run for their money. Time after time you have shown it to be true, and this time was no different.

We don’t mind being small but scrappy, it has gotten us this far, it brought Maia and Guida to sanctuary and will continue to aid us in doing unheard of rescues, such as four elephants from the same zoo. Thank you all for being devoted to changing the lives of elephants in South America- you will help define the face of captivity for decades to come.

In this together 


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    Quin Moroughan says

    I love what you guys are doing. But I was wondering if I could one day help and do what you are doing. I’m only 11 but I want to know what can I do right now to help save the Elephants and other endangered animals.

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      Kat Blais says

      Hi Quin,

      Your comment slipped through the cracks somehow, sorry. We have a webpage that helps if you are looking for a career in helping animals, you can look at it here As far as what you can do now- the biggest thing you can do is to help educate others your age. You are the future for elephants. You will help determine the future for captive elephants and the survival of wild elephants. You can help others your age understand the importance of valuing an elephant simply for who they are, not what they offer humans. People need to understand why it is wrong to ride elephants, to go see them as a form of entertainment or to take away their lives just so people can stare at them for one minute at a local zoo. They need to understand their depth of emotion, their intelligence,their familial bond and everything that makes them so special. The more people understand, the brighter their future is. Your generation will determine so much and you can help to ensure them a brighter more respectful future.

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