Happy New Year from All of us at GSE!

Arriving at the end of 2017 we once again find ourselves saying, ‘where did the year go?’ As we are on a literal race against the clock, knowing that for elephants left waiting every day matters, it often feels that the days, weeks and months flash by. When we force ourselves to take a half of a step back and slow down for a moment to take it all in, we are immediately humbled, inspired and honored.

When we look at Maia and Guida, 12 months have seemingly removed a lifetime of suffering. When we think about our team here in Brazil and back home in the US, we see a commitment, devotion and passion that inspires us to push even further. And when we see our family of supporters, spanning the globe, coming together, each doing their part, it is clear that there are no boundaries or hurdles that can’t be overcome.

2017 has brought unity, strength, passion and desire that has changed lives and set the foundation for the next 12 months which will be a year to remember.

From the depth of our hearts, we thank you for being part of this remarkable journey, sharing sweet Guida Rumbles and happy Maia trumpets. You have opened a new world for elephants and blessed their lives and ours in a way that we can never fully explain.

From all of us we wish you a happy and healthy New Year and a 2018 that is filled with elephants coming home to sanctuary!

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