Our Thanks to All with Wishes for a Happy Holiday!

GSE is still a relatively new organization. It has only been just over a year since Maia and Guida arrived. But we have always considered ourselves a small but mighty nonprofit and our supporters are why.

This week’s challenge on Ramba’s crowdfunding campaign is a prime example of this. Although hopeful, we like to be realistic as well. We know we simply can’t compete with the larger organizations involved in the Newman’s Own Challenge. They have hundreds of thousands of supporters and have been around for decades. It’s simple, they have the numbers and we do not. But… we are small but mighty.

This week was the team challenge week, it required supporters to sign up for their own team and to raise at least $10 this week. Because of the dedication that our supporters have for GSE and the elephants we are trying to help, we were in the top 3 for most teams, even competing against all of the ‘big boys’. And so far, we are in the top spot for most ‘active’ teams this week- which comes with a $5000 award.

How did we manage to pull this off? Simple, our supporters are dedicated to doing whatever they can to help get elephants to sanctuary. They are willing to take the extra time to set up a team and then to go out and nudge their friends and family to donate this week. We’ve also had other supporters who chose to give this week, dividing up their donations to teams of people they don’t know. All to help get Ramba to sanctuary.

We have said it before, and I’m sure we’ll say it again, we find the dedication and motivation of our core supporters absolutely fantastic and more people are joining in. This loyalty is what has brought Elephant Sanctuary Brazil this far and will continue to fuel the rescues of many elephants to follow. While we know we have to grow our sanctuary family in order to reach the lofty goals we have set for this up and coming year, our hope is that those of you who stand with us now always feel as strongly about our work and our elephants as you do at this moment. It really does make us proud.

Time and time again you show up in droves with your faithful support and we are eternally grateful. Together we will fill the hills of Elephant Sanctuary Brazil with the rumbles, trumpets, chirps and squeaks of elephants rediscovering what it means to be an elephant.

Whatever you choose to celebrate or enjoy peacefully by yourself, we would like to wish you Happy Holidays! May you find inspiration in the spirits and triumphs of the elephants at sanctuary. No matter how harsh their past, they continue to live in the present, forgive and move on with a joy that each of us would be lucky to find. We should all try to practice the level of patience, understanding and unconditional love they show each other and humans. They are a shining example of what could be. They are astoundingly and imperfectly perfect.

Wishing you all peace and joy. With love and gratitude- Scott and Kat 

(turn your volume up on the video!)

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