Ramba Update from Carolina

Ramba in Chile

“These last days have been a bit strange and stressful. Around Ramba’s yard there are many things happening in parallel. On the one hand the construction of the cabins and the noise of the tools, on the other hand the safaris and dinosaurs and finally the terrible smell that comes from the landfill as well as the tremendous noise that trucks make when they drop the garbage…

In spite of everything I say, Rambita always knows how to steal our hearts and make us return to our center, observe her and notice that nothing influences in her to be in “peace” and graze quiet it is always a lesson of the day..

Be together is always the best gift, I’m there just because we are a family and i want to be there in the day so expected by all of us!

Praying for that day will come soon and Ramba will have a worthy life as she deserves. ??

Still no solid update on when she will be coming to sanctuary, CITES permits and 30-day quarantine are still between her and Brazil. We are hopeful for April/May, but we also would have thought she would have been here already.

Photo: beautiful Ramba sporting a stick on her back. New cabins that are being built in the background


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