Silly Elephant Mornings

Volume up!  It’s a silly elephant morning!

It’s Valentine’s Day, a day about love. A day that brought up a conversation about anthropomorphism and how outrageous it is to assume that certain emotions are essentially owned by humans.- which brought things full circle, back to love.

Elephants are extremely loving beings; there is a level of dedication to those they love that is unrivaled. Elephants will give up their food for someone more in need, they will stay behind with someone who is hurt, even if it puts themselves in danger, they will give up other relationships in support of an elephant who is struggling, they will forgive acts that most could never let go of and love in such an unconditional way that most people will never be able to attain. Their sacrifice, devotion and depth of affection know no bounds.

To sit back and watch elephants together is to instantly know why lone elephants in captivity are an abomination. There is literally a piece of their life missing. So much of who they are is only allowed to flourish when they have another elephant to share their emotions and life with. We adore Maia and Guida and it’s probably safe to say that they have love for us as well, but our relationship with them can’t compare with what they have with each other. The way they communicate through touch, movement and unspoken words reveals an intimacy we could never share. It’s nothing to want for yourself or to be jealous of, it’s breathtaking and pure and the embodiment of love.

On this Valentine’s Day we will not only take a moment to enjoy the love that we have been privileged to witness in the elephants that have shared their lives and love with all us but also look forward to the arrival of Ramba and Pelusa, both lone elephants that we hope to bring home to sanctuary so their lives can be complete. We look forward to them watching them blossom and seeing how much their lives change once surrounded and supported by the love only another elephant can offer them.

As for the video- a cute display of the love between Maia and Guida, regardless of the 40 years before arriving at sanctuary. I decided to leave in Scott’s voice because it’s one of the things the girls respond to- when we get silly many times so do they. And I let it go all of the way to the end because if you listen you can still hear soft rumbles and grandma wheezes.


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    Lynn Kinley says

    Kat, I love your raspberries and snorts!!!

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