Sunday Smile: Maia and Her Stick

Maia carrying a stick

Maia sometimes likes to chew on things like sticks, which she’ll pick up in the habitat or keep from when she’s eating browse. This week’s Sunday Smile shows her heading out of one yard and into another with a stick in tow. Much like people who might like to chew on grass or toothpicks, Maia occasionally enjoys carrying around and munching on sticks. She’ll hold it in different parts of her mouth, teeth, or surrounding skin pockets. Some days the elephants make you laugh in the most simple ways, and Maia’s personality shows through in this moment.


  1. REPLY
    bo says

    that’s so cute, just like dogs do sometimes.
    have you seen the other elephants doing some chewing on sticks like that ?

    what could be the reason you think ?
    (hopefully nothing to do with problems with her teeth)

    • REPLY
      Sara says

      Maia tends to do it occasionally, but the other girls don’t really. It shouldn’t have anything to do with problems with her teeth. Though it might feel good when she puts it back where her tush (the one in her mouth) is. It just seems like the equivalent of a person who chews on grass or toothpicks.

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