Getting Up Close With Maia

Today, we caught up with Maia, who was gently grazing in Yard 5. She was taking some time to herself and enjoying that particular part of the habitat on her own. While this is a short video, the perfect sunlight gives you the opportunity to see her fuzzy head and lovely nose up close. Maia’s nose and ears have a partial lack of pigmentation, which is natural, but can only be seen when she is very very clean – and that’s not often. As with humans, differently colored parts of the body can be influenced by genetics, nutrition, habitat, or age. Maia and all of her special characteristics are perfect in every way!


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    Tammy says

    Maia is just so cute you want to give her a big hug and kiss and gently rub that adorable fuzzy head of hers! Enjoy pretty girl you deserve it looks like Heaven where you’re at! 😘🐘🦋

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    Richard Chiger says

    From the great amount of depigmentation on her trunk etc, you would think, from all the literature, that she came from Sri Lanka. However, I have seen elephants from south India, Thailand and Cambodia with as much depigmentation and more. Is there any record indicating where she was born? Many of the countries sent their baby Asian elephants to Thailand to be exported to the US and other countries.

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      Kat Blais says

      no, there aren’t any records that say where she was originally from. at that time, most records were falsified to begin with, claiming captive breeding when those programs didn’t exist, or papers that show over 20 elephants were ‘captively bred’ at the same facility within a year or two. stolen from her family for human entertainment is the only definitive we will ever know.

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    Sue says

    She is perfect indeed!! ❤️🐘❤️

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    Julie says

    Beautiful, Maia! I love to know new ways to identify each girl.

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    Carey says

    I hope she’s thoroughly enjoying herself in the lushness!

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