Shifting Schedules

RanaLovely Miss Rana this morning at breakfast, out by the pond. As will happen for months, everyone’s schedule is shifting and adjusting. Although Maia and Guida were always good about staying away from the barn, since Rana’s arrival, they’re more likely to come back at times they wouldn’t have. Whether they are looking for Rana, making sure they don’t miss out on anything, or one of the other thousands of reasons they could have, we don’t know.

While Maia and Guida are returning a bit more, Rana is becoming more comfortable with staying away. Her sleep behavior is shifting slightly as well. We’re starting to see her acting more sleepy in the mornings and napping while standing in the shade in between grazing. But we also know, from checking in at night, that she is loving evening grazing, as sanctuary elephants generally do.

Though all three girls aren’t on the same schedules right now, they still have plenty of crossover time. After breakfast, as Maia and Guida were heading out, Rana was coming back towards the barn. They spend time together by a favorite shade tree, with interactions being nice and mellow. After Rana’s treatment, she headed back out towards Maia and Guida after quickly bathing herself at the trough. This time grazing in the same general area, but not with each other.

January 8, 2018


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    Sherry says

    Thank you for updates and educational experiences too! I love learning about the habits of the elephants and their social skills.

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