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And this is the beauty that I drove away from the other night before coming up to Scott and Dot. This sweet and wonderful soul surrounded by absolute magnificence. It tells the story of the ebb and flow of sanctuary: the breathtaking highs and shattering lows, that bring you to the deepest of emotional levels.

Technically this night was just another dinner feed, but there’s never a moment that is ‘just’ anything here. There is so much joy that can be derived from five minutes if you sit back and take it all in. As you see Rana approach, it’s remarkable how much easier it is for her to move since her arrival, the strength she shows with each confident step. Then she gets closer and you can feel her softness, her appreciation for this life, her utter gratitude. Looking at her surroundings reminds you of where she was just a few months ago and the struggles of decades of her existence, which seem like a lifetime ago; and it suits her beautifully. The shift in light, the reflections on the clouds, the damp smell of nighttime coming closer, the chatter of all of the birds going off to bed, every ounce of it remarkable. Then back to Rana and all you feel is absolute pride and love.

Every single one of us here at the sanctuary, human, elephant, dog, rooster, anta, horse, etc. are all blessed for the time we can share this space and the gifts it brings. #SanctuaryforAll

And yes, cabbage is a favorite of hers 

June 8, 2019




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    Kelejan says

    When I think of the time she has been here and how she is able to walk around at her own pace and in her own time and of her own choice, I should think that she feels a hundred time happier than when she first came. I always believe that we should all keep moving to keep ourselves in good health. The day we stop is the day we begin to die.

  2. REPLY
    Liora says

    wow, so beautifully put. Thank you all.

  3. REPLY
    Carolyn McNeil says

    She looks so soft eyed and content. Absolutely perfect!

  4. REPLY
    Debbie Sides says

    The scenery is breathtaking. Rana bug looking as cute as ever. Reading this blog makes me feel like I’m there taking it all in and mesmerized by all the beauty.

  5. REPLY
    Maggie says

    What a wonderful post. Reading it I could feel some of the emotions. Beautiful Rana, who is exquisite in every way. The beautiful habitat. Then your sorrow when you went back to Scott and Dot. Thank you all so much for sharing, good or sad it doesn’t matter. To be part of it is an honour. Bless you all, animals and human alike. ???????

  6. REPLY
    Sherry says

    Rana is HAPPY!!! It is obvious how contented she is and shows happiness!! Thank you very much GSfE!!!! Your hard work
    and loving, caring attitude to all of your animals shows!! Your work is very much rewarding for you!!! I wish I could work there!!
    God is watching and will greatly reward you!!!
    Your post make me feel happy and grateful that I can make a donation!!

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