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This golden beauty with her little fuzzies and happy flaps. We joke that Maia is kind of a chowhound and she’s usually first to eat, which is true. But it’s also part of what makes her so easy breezy.

Can’t find elephants in the habitat? Just hang out with the four-wheeler running for a bit, Maia will show up to see if you have anything good. Need to do an extra long session of footwork because of a nail issue? No problem, as long as you have delicious treats, patience, and respect.

Food is only part of it though, she does want to please those around her that she cares for. Maia will try to give you what it is you are asking for. She may get a little frustrated if she can’t figure it out, but that’s part of her personality. This is where knowing her tendencies and reading her signs comes in, so you can adjust what you are doing before she gets to that point. And when you do, she appreciates it all the more because she knows you’re listening and that you care about how she is feeling.

Maia will probably always be a little rounder than many, but it just gives us more to love and a squishier target for belly scratches. 

June 9, 2019




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    Carolyn McNeil says

    Her fuzzy head is so cute. I love that she’s a big, full body girl!

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