Rana’s Unknown Past and Her Injury

We talked a bit about Rana’s past being unknown, and this is one of the things we don’t have a lot of details about. Initially it was suggested that in the past Rana suffered from a broken leg, then suggested her injury is possibly from being chained for years in the circus. The reality is we’ll never know.

Either way, you can see that Rana swings her front left leg out as she walks. There are times when she doesn’t bend her ankle or elbow where it would be appropriate, but if she has to step over something, she will. The injury, which started in her ankle, now affects the entire limb and has thrown her gait off. We are hoping with more space to roam, supportive supplementation, natural pain meds and the ability to bathe and take weight off of her joints, that this will improve once at sanctuary.

You can be part of bringing her to sanctuary by giving to her rescue fund.  With no CITES permits needed (because she lives within Brazil) we would love to be able to bring her home for the holidays. Every dollar makes a difference, please give to rescue Rana.


November 21, 2018


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    Amy Ring says

    I’m so excited for Rana ! Is an x-Ray possible of her leg obviously it’s healed , but I was wondering if it helps with her treatment plan. Hugs guys ??❤️

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      Kat Blais says

      You can generally get an x-ray of the ankle area, but no much higher. As far as treatment, it won’t really change anything. We will use our thermal camera to monitor inflammation in the area pre and post treatment to gauge response. Our own personal portable radiology equipment is not something we have the budget for at this point- that’s a huge expense and we have many fences to build and elephants to rescue. We could possibly locate on in Cuiaba, but most likely won’t go that route for Rana.

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