Rana On a Mission


This is a short clip but shows how well Rana moves when she decides she is in speedy mode. As you can see, her elbow is still locked, but instead of swinging her leg out, she flexes her wrist and has a more ‘normal’ gait.

Rana does have a faster walk than this, one we feel is just a tiny bit shy of her deciding to run. That’s the one that impresses even us with how fast she can go and how little she allows her old injury to affect her.

The little lady is impressive. 

It also goes to show that elephants are often underestimated in captivity, with their emotional, social and physical labels or limitations. Whether Rana would be able to get around was a big concern for many, but it seems not for her. We often hear, “They’ll never socialize with others of their own kind, they won’t know how to feed themselves, they’ll never use the space” and many other excuses why specific elephants can’t benefit from a sanctuary. The reality is we need to stop looking at them through our own limitations and embrace all they have survived and pushed through to be where they are.

Captive elephants have lived lives that would leave most humans curled up in the fetal position hiding from the world. We need to embrace the strength they embody. When given the opportunity, support, and respect, they will never fail to impress on every level.

February 4, 2019


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    Kelejan says

    I just love how she must be building up her muscle strength. Doing enough each day so that she can do more the next day. A good example for we humans who do not take enough exercise.

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