Rana’s Eyes

RanaWe were asked to provide a photo that gave a better look at Rana’s eyes the other day (by the person designing her rescue shirt). This person somewhat expected the same definition that you can see in Maia and Guida’s eyes. As you can see, Rana’s eyes are very dark and not like the other girls.

In every way, each elephant is different from the next but no less beautiful. Rana’s eyes allow you to get lost in their depth. Another piece of what makes her so lovely.

February 5, 2019


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  1. REPLY
    Susan says

    Beautifully said ??‍♀️❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?…

  2. REPLY
    Sherry says

    Rana’s eyes seem so small in the photo. I know elephants have lots of lashes to protect their eyes from the elements and
    bees too! Rana can see her beautiful surroundings, land, foliage, home, and her beautiful caretakers!
    Thank you sanctuary!

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