Ramba Update From Consu In Chile

RambaHere is a Ramba update from Consu in Chile.

“Hi guys ! Good morning well yesterday we have a very very weird weather we can say that we trough for all the seasons in just one day ???????? in the middle nights of Wednesday starts to rain but in the morning on Thursday was a little cloudy about the middle day the sun stay with us but falling the afternoon started to rain again and very strong after this come like a frozen wind and we end the day like that in some parts of here snow a little.

Mama stay all day inside the barn eating fine and relax no anxious or something like that. Today we have less 1 grade (-1 c) is very frozen !!!! We are in polo north ???? but we cannot deny that everything looks gorgeous ????????????‍♀. Mama was outside when arrive feeling the sun ????.”

Other than this one random day it has been a mild winter in Chile thankfully. Still no progress on her CITES permits with Ibama Brasil.

August 31, 2018

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