An Alma Update

Alma the TapirWe wanted to give you an Alma update, but first the photo. This is what happens if she is awake and you try to take pictures. She doesn’t see, so she is all nose and has to come and smell everything. For those who don’t know, Alma is a lowland tapir that came for rehabilitation, but she is not releasable because she is blind and has seizures.

Alma was started on anti-seizure medication about a month ago. Her initial dose was very low because of our concerns with head trauma. The first week and a half she was extra sleepy, but this is normal for this medication. About two weeks in she had a small episode, but much less intense than they have been in the past. We raised her dosage, to what is still low range for her weight, and will see how she does.

Ian continues to stand guard but now splits his time with out newest wildlife resident. When he is not with her, there are two younger chicks (too young to know their gender for sure) that stay with her. It seems she brings a sense of safety for those who are a little insecure. Which works for her, because she seems to like company of the smaller variety.

August 29. 2018



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