Nighttime Shenanigans From Two Lovely Ladies


Scott’s papa is here for a visit and it’s forcing us to slow down a bit and take the time to enjoy our surroundings more. Last night we had dinner out on the porch. The almost full moon rises late this time of the year, it has a golden hue and is incredibly illuminating when it comes up and then seems to hang just above the hilltops for a few hours. It’s stunning, bright and incredibly peaceful.

Out of the quiet came a cute little trumpet. Not a big blast, a shorter trumpet that with Maia and Guida is generally a silly one. Of course you have to stop eating to listen in case there is another but it was silent again. A couple of minutes later came another, then a minute after that one more. Figuring the girls were being playful, you become curious about what exactly they are doing. Sometimes it’s literally nothing aside from enjoying each other’s company.

But a few minutes later we heard the crack of a tree, and then some more. It sounded fairly close, so we assume they were on the same side of the creek as the house, but where in that area, we don’t know. We didn’t see anything that gave their nighttime shenanigans away, but we do know they enjoyed themselves; they were exhausted but content this morning.

There is so much that makes sanctuary extraordinary, but there is definitely something special about sitting on your porch and hearing a mini elephant party out of the darkness, knowing that after a lifetime on chains, these two lovely ladies are spending their evenings doing exactly what they want, together.

July 1, 2018



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Maia's chained feet (before rescue)

Maia’s chained feet (before rescue)


Maia chained at the farm (before rescue)

Maia chained at the farm (before rescue)

Guida in chains on the farm (before rescue)

Guida in chains on the farm (before rescue)

Guida chained on the farm (before rescue)

Guida chained on the farm (before rescue)


  1. REPLY
    Susan Hunt says

    Your posts are fantastic and the photos are stunning. Your descriptive narrative makes it easy to visualize the beauty and peace of the sanctuary. Such fun with just two… wait until there are more to make shenanigans! Such endless possibilities available to imaginative elephants. Definitely the happiest part of my day is picturing these lovely ladies walking though their heaven on earth. There are no words to express how special you and Scott are. You feed my soul with your goodness. Thank you for each and every post – good news or bad and all in between. I send you love.

  2. REPLY
    Sherry says

    My soul is fulfilled knowing you are caring for these eyes!!

    Thank you so very much!!

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