Ramba’s Latest Hat and Update

Ramba in ChileI had wanted to write a somewhat in-depth post about Ramba and her rescue (nothing has changed), but I don’t have the time to do it justice. Scott is in Cuiaba today with one of our older dogs that came with us from the states, Goomba, who seems to have developed spinal issues, so I get the girls today. Definitely not a complaint (ever), but doesn’t allow for much computer time.

Instead you get a Consu update direct from Chile and I will have to work on my post for next week. In the meanwhile enjoy the photo of Ramba sporting some greenery on her head and a grandma smile along with Consu’s sweet words.

“Has been spend some grey days but today was a beautiful and shine day ! The sun stay here with her strength and mama with her trunk down relaxed her beautiful eyes half closed taking her time in the yard… her body with the winter color (the skin a little more grey than the normal) and also with her particular smell that we already started to feel; that smells that you carry in your hair skin and also of course clothes. I can recognized and know what it is ????… Rambita !!!”

June 29, 2018


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    Sherry says

    They do have their own personality just like us!!

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