Mara and Maia Spend More Time Together

Lately, we have seen Mara and Maia spending more time together. It’s an interesting combination of personalities, since Mara was initially intimidated by Maia when it was just the two of them and Rana, and then Maia was long intimidated by Mara and her friendships with Rana and Bambi; And, truthfully, building deep bonds with other elephants isn’t really one of Mara’s strong suits. But Maia and Mara have been increasingly playful with one another, which is a lovely, if slightly unexpected, change in dynamics.

In this video, the two of them were spending time together in the trees, with Mara on the left and Maia on the right. You can see that their heads were touching and they were intertwining trunks; Mara was putting her trunk on Maia’s head in a cheeky way. Mara even allows herself to be in a somewhat submissive position by sitting down at one point in a very silly display. Near the end, Mara turns her body around to playfully put her bottom in Maia’s face. Maia is a strong girl, so she can handle anything that Mara can dish out, but there was nothing to worry about here. This entire interaction is particularly interesting because Mara doesn’t really ‘play’ with her other friends much. She lifts her foot as a way to be lighthearted, and is affectionate, but not usually frisky in this way.

The interaction ended with a high-pitched trumpet from one of the two; the caregivers couldn’t tell which. Mara decided to find Rana and the two of them walked off together to graze, while Maia moved toward where Guillermina and Bambi were snacking by the neighboring fence. 

P.S.: This week’s podcast details Ramba’s flight to sanctuary. It’s a culminating moment in her journey and that of Global Sanctuary for Elephants. Listen for all the gratifying details.


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    Sue says

    What a great post, thank you! I always love getting to hear about the different interactions the Girls have with each other. Can’t even imagine all the ‘conversations’ that occur between all of them that we aren’t privy to. ❤️🐘❤️

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    Debbie Sides says

    That is so sweet! Awe good to see Mara playing with Maia💚

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