Dynamics Are Always Evolving

Lately, we’ve been seeing an evolution of relationships among all of the elephants in the group of five: Rana, Mara, Bambi, Guille, and Maia. Maia, Bambi, and Guillermina have been spending more time together as a small group, whereas before Guille would share space with just one or the other at a time. Maia’s bonds with the others seems to be strengthening as well, as we’ve seen her a couple of times on her own with Rana. You can tell that Maia is becoming a more integral part of the herd at large. But building relationships with all of the individuals on a one-on-one level is also key. Maia has moments where she wants to be side-by-side with Bambi or Guille, but we’re also seeing more close conversations with others, just the two of them.

Each configuration of individuals has its own dynamics. When Maia is together with Bambi and Guillermina, that’s a unique bond; but as relationships grow among the other elephants, they have specific connections that are distinct to them. There’s no way for us to know how things will continue to evolve, but there are clearly meaningful interactions happening in different configurations.

Photo of elephants Guillermina and Maia with their trunks touching


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    Tammy says

    Awwwww how adorable is that 🦋💞

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    Terry says

    A herd of immense beauty and grace!

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