Maia’s Evening Swim

MaiaAt dinnertime last night, all three ladies were in different places in the habitat. Maia generally finds the four-wheeler first if you are driving around looking, so she ate first. After feeding her, Scott drove around looking for Guida and Rana, and in the process, Maia decided to go for a swim. Apparently, she ignores the rule of no swimming after dinner.

All of the girls were found, although we have no idea where Guida actually was because she popped up on middle road after a bit of searching.

photo- Maia’s evening swim

February 16, 2019


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    Carey says

    Blissful life in a gorgeous place, what a treat it must be for all of you to live there, cant think of anything nicer than a cool evening swim! From your reports Maia really embraces it and seems to be doing different things all the time. lovely photo

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