Guida: Her Palms And Pond

When it’s impossible to decide which you would rather do- eat or swim?  It’s been hot the past few days so the pond is a priority. After breakfast both Maia and Guida walked straight for it, but it seems Guida was still a little hungry and picked up a snack along the way. The choice between palm and pond was never made and she simply brought her snack for a splash.

Two things about the video (besides the fact that Guida is adorable) – the four wheeler is running in the background for most of the clip and that is for safety reasons. Maia was in the vicinity, but I was unsure of where, so the engine stayed on. Second, both girls did go swimming after the clip was cut. We don’t have it on video because this was a morning where Maia was convinced the four wheeler had food and was in follow mode. When she gets like that, it can make it so instead of going in and swimming with Guida, she pays more attention to us. So in fairness to them, we leave in these situations. We love sharing how cute they are with the rest of the world, but we don’t want that to disturb their interactions with each other.

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