Dry Season Trumpet Party

During the evening, Kat was outside and heard a little bit of a rumble and trumpet party down in the valley. It was the type of vocalization that we often hear, which is generally Bambi calling to her sisters, Rana responding, then Mara returning the calls with her squeaks. We used to hear it every night, but not quite as much lately. Of course, that doesn’t mean that it’s not happening – just that we haven’t heard it. 

A lot of the lack of partying comes with the dry season, since everyone tends to have less energy when the sun is pounding down and the humidity is so low. However, you can sense the excitement all around about the possibility of rain on the way. You can tell that it’s getting closer, so that may be one of the things that got the elephants excited, or they could have just been a frisky place and wanted to expend some energy. Either way, it’s always nice to hear elephant cheer echoing up the hill.


  1. REPLY
    Melinda says

    Party hardy girls! I love it when you are having fun!

  2. REPLY
    Julie says

    Even the dry season can’t stop the love of the Powerpuff girls!

  3. REPLY
    Terry says

    Bring on the rain!!!!

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