Bambi’s Treatments Post Lying Down

Bambi at SunsetSince Bambi laid down a couple of weeks ago and wasn’t able to get up, we have been doing some extra treatments on her to address a couple of superficial issues that happened as a result. It’s really common when elephants are down and repeatedly attempt to get up on their own that they create pressure wounds. The friction of rubbing and the shifting of body weight when they try to get up causes them to rub the same spots over and over again. Bambi put a lot of pressure on her face and hip as she shifted, which is typical. Essentially, this causes the skin to detach, causing those spots to die and then open up. This was expected and is healing fairly quickly.

Bambi has been excellent with treatment on these spots. She allowed us to trim away the dead skin that was there as a result of the pressure. We’re treating the new skin underneath, keeping it moist and making sure the bugs stay off of it. The spot on her hip, which was a little swollen, initially opened up a tiny bit, but not as much as we anticipated. We’re treating that as well, making sure that nothing gets infected.

We’re also monitoring a tear wound on her tail that likely resulted from another elephant trying to help Bambi get up. We’ve seen this before, where one elephant might step on another elephant’s tail when they possibly try to push the downed elephant from behind or above their back. So, we’re treating her tail with antibacterial and antibiotic medicines. We also rinse it out and put ointments and healing sprays on it. This injury seems to be more sensitive than her others, but she is doing really well with allowing treatment. One of the sprays that we use on her tail has a cooling effect, which she seems to like. If she hears the aerosol can shaking up, she’ll back up and offer her tail to the caregiver. Overall, her healing is happening at a normal pace and she’s an excellent patient.

Photo of Bambi enjoying some hay as the sun sets on the sanctuary


  1. REPLY
    Carol says

    Awwwwww….poor Bambi girl. Heal quickly and completely!

    Sending love

  2. REPLY
    Heidi says

    Thank you for taking such great care of our girl!!!

  3. REPLY
    Shelley Russell says

    Thank you for keeping us updated with Bambi and her treatments ! I love the description of Bambi backing up to present her tail! Do you have any idea why Bambi went down? 🥰

    • REPLY
      Sara says

      We don’t know for sure, but she’s not showing any major issues that would have caused it. She might have just slipped.

  4. REPLY
    Diana Weyland says

    ¿Cuando esto les pasa en su medio natural, cómo se las arreglan?

    • REPLY
      Sara says

      It’s hard to say because they don’t manifest illness in the wild the same way they do in captivity. It’s possible that herd mates try to help them get up.

  5. REPLY
    Sue says

    Thank you for the update on sweet Bambi and also for the beautiful photo! ❤️🐘❤️

  6. REPLY
    Barb says

    Oh my goodness! Lying down must be a relief on those precious legs and feet but for this to create a problem for her is sad. I am hopeful all her wounds heal quickly.

    • REPLY
      Sara says

      Bambi’s incident wasn’t like a regular sleeping session where she would lay down. In this case, she was stuck in a place she didn’t want to be.

  7. REPLY
    NANCY LOGAN says

    You are so attentive! And clear in your explanations! Thank you.

  8. REPLY
    June H. says

    I’m glad her wounds are healing. Thank you for your wonderful care of Bambi — and all of the elephant ladies!

  9. REPLY
    Suzanne Eaton says

    Heal quickly sweet Bambi. You are in good hands at GSE.

  10. REPLY
    Johnny says

    It’s fantastic they all have such trust in you that they allow for all kinds of different treatments.

  11. REPLY
    Patricia Richardson says

    What very good care for an exceptionally good girl and patient. Thank you for your close reporting of care and Bambi’s precious temperament! Love to her and all of you!💜💕💜

  12. REPLY
    Gayle Janzen says

    Glad to hear Bambi is doing well and is being a good patient. She’s lucky to have such wonderful caregivers making sure she heals quickly.

  13. REPLY
    Tammy says

    Bambi you are such a good girl! She knows she’s in great hands and will be healed up in no time! No surprises the girls were with her trying to help her get back on her feet it shows they truly are a close family that loves each other and leaves no one behind just as we all love them too! Thank you for all you do to protect these beautiful ladies 💞🙏

  14. REPLY
    Diane Kastel says

    I am, so, amused at reading about “Bambi” hearing the aerosol can shaking up, she backs up and offers her tail to the caregiver. I would love to see a photo or a video of that, please.

  15. REPLY
    Rachel says

    So good to hear she’s healing well. Thanks for the info and education – didn’t know what happened to her -2 weeks ago or so would have caused this but it makes sense. It’s great that all of you anticipated this though. The elephants are fortunate to have a such a team on their side. 🙌💕

  16. REPLY
    Sheila says

    Oh dear big BAMBI. I’m sad u got all wounded trying to get up. I’m glad ur being a great lady and letting caregivers. Give u great treatments so ur flesh heals on ur boo-boos. And you don’t get bad infection. Ur care new 🌲🌳🌴🌾home care is awesome… 1000% better than I’m sure u had in any cirus or zoo. I hope u will not get ill and have to lie down again. BAMBI.

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