Maia Seeks Out the Best Spots

Maia in the tall grass

Maia is clearly enjoying her blossoming friendships with her fellow herdmates. But she’s still staying true to herself which, in some cases, means taking time alone. Last week, she was at the back of Yard 5 by herself. For some reason, Guillermina hasn’t followed her there, though we know she has the ability to do so if she wants. But, it’s possible that Maia is communicating that she is interested in having some “me” time.

She always seems content when she’s spending time in that area of Yard 5, so she stayed for a couple of days. When Maia is away from the other elephants, we check on her to make sure she’s getting the same treats and attention that everyone else is getting. We certainly don’t want her to feel left out while she’s on her solo retreats. After a couple of days, Maia came back and seemed content to be around her elephant sisters again.

Many mornings, the group of five girls likes to get up early and go to the pond together. We can see them on the observation camera and it seems that a different elephant pops out of the brush first every time. They all stay in the same vicinity until breakfast. Afterward, some of them walk away, while others return to the pond. A couple of days after her jaunt into Yard 5, Maia decided against an afternoon by the pond and instead headed back to where she was before – this time staying for only a day. All five of the elephants shifted into Yard 4 so that Yard 5 could be thoroughly cleaned, so Maia joined the other girls again in Yard 4. That seemed fine with her, as there’s some lovely red-tipped grass across the creek there. Maia seems to have found a nice balance between sharing her time with her friends and taking the time she needs for herself.

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Photo of Maia walking in the tall green grass


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    Tammy says

    Well ya know a girls gotta do whatever makes her happy and it seems as though this is what she needs at the moment 💞🙏🤗

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