A Very Relaxed Hangout

Pocha and Guillermina have become much more relaxed around the other girls in the past few weeks. This short video shows the two of them spending time with the “Powerpuff Girls” in a group, and everyone has a nice, easy energy about them. You can see Rana, Mara, and Bambi standing in a line along the fence, with Guillermina behind; Pocha is on the other side of the fence. At one point, Guille calls Pocha over, but Pocha has a “road block” of three elephants between herself and her daughter. Still, no one got tense or unsettled. Pocha and Guillermina did not pace along the fence as they have done in the past. Guille seemed to know her mother was there, and that was enough. 

Additionally, you can hear Mara squeak, causing Bambi to rumble in response, followed by Guillermina vocalizing. All of this together is a wonderful example of how dynamics can change in a safe environment, allowing elephants to slowly grow and find their comfort levels.


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    Alejandra Enquin says

    Guillerminita la pequeña reune a todas sus madrinas y socializa maravillosamente!entusisma a las tias con sonidos y justo Mara con sus especiales expresiones contagia a Bambi y Rana,que familia !!y Pocha la dulce se integra con mas cautela y dulce como es verifica que la nena esta bien.Armonia en el Santuario.

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    Carol says

    Love the harmony and ease.

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    Pam says

    What an incredible video. I love these close-ups. And it’s great to hear about the progress that P&G are making. Can I ask how the “Powerpuff Girls” got their nickname? Thanks!

    • REPLY
      Sara says

      They’re named after a cartoon that has three sisters with superpowers. It just seemed to fit their personalities.

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    John says

    This is great news, and I think we can all agree the environment created by the sanctuary has produced this result (with due credit to all ellies involved of course)!

  5. REPLY
    Wim says

    Wonderful footage seeing them together.
    They’re rehearsing for the concert of freedom. This feels really extraordinary.

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    Viviana Gallo says

    ¿Por qué a Lady le cuesta sociabilizar con las demás elefantas?

    • REPLY
      Sara says

      There could be many reasons having to do with past traumas or the state of her feet. It’s possible that she’s hesitant to be around others because she wouldn’t be able to get away quickly if she ever felt threatened. It’s hard to know.

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