When an Empty Barn is a Welcomed Sight

Maia and Guida in their new 40 acres

This morning we arrived to an empty barn, which was a welcomed sight. All elephants are different and we weren’t sure which way Maia and Guida were going to go with their new space.

They could be more like Bunny, who spent 4 decades alone in the same tiny space but loved the outside and was the one to get the rest of the girls to spend their first night under the stars. Or they could be more like Winkie who didn’t leave the barn for several weeks after her arrival due to all of the insecurities she had built up over her lifetime. Generally Maia and Guida fall somewhere in between, both different from each other, so it was nice to not see them when we drove up.

Last night the girls were out in the new habitat close to each other. Guida still rumbling and Maia looking sleepy from missing her nap earlier in the, day due to all of the excitement. We dropped them some food, then sat and quietly watched at a distance to make sure all seemed ok- and it did. It was perfect.

Not only is this new for the girls but it’s a new routine for us and we’ll have to make adjustments as we see the direction they decide to take with things. Right now we’re just enjoying watching them get wide eyed and eared at all of the new little discoveries they are finding along the way.


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    Weisser says

    I LOVE ELEPHANTS! What can do to help.?

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      Kat Blais says

      The easiest way to help is to donate towards the rescue of elephants waiting for sanctuary. We have an area for Asian females already constructed and a barn for African females, but we need additional fencing in order to rescue African elephants. They are ready to come to sanctuary, they need their home to be ready. You can give at Thank you

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