The Wonderful Bundle That Is Maia


That beautiful scrunched up face.  Oh Miss Maia.

Each elephant is so different, and for each of us, they can conjure up different emotions simply being in their presence. Maia is one of those elephants that will keep a smile on your face.

Maia is silly and playful and a big puppy when she is sleepy. She is also the first one to resort to being physical if her emotions take a turn for the negative. Maia feels all things strongly. The same quality that makes her silly so over the top, is what can make her defensive nature just as strong. All part of the wonderful bundle that is Maia.

It is rare for us to see Maia’s defensive side at this point, but we keep it in mind when it comes to new elephant introductions and other new procedures that may cause her to feel a little insecure. For the most part, it’s about embracing and encouraging and the open and silly love that comes pouring out of our sweet girl.

June 12, 2019


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  1. REPLY
    Maggie says

    Love you Maia. You are amazing.

  2. REPLY
    Sherry says

    I love elephants. I never knew they had their own personalities, but they do and their own way of thinking too!! I have learned a lot!
    Thank you sanctuary! I am learning from all the elephants!

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