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Dallas Zoo baby elephant

This article discusses some of the backstory to the NYT piece on the import of wild elephants into three US zoos and what the reality of it was. The original story is linked in this article if you didn’t read it. It is long, but it gives a lot of clarity as to how the ‘rescue’ happened.

But this article has a quote that is a topic we discuss regularly. What is the cost to the elephants for their life in captivity, and when do we decide the impact it has on them outweighs our own selfish desires? It’s not a topic many people are willing to discuss, but it is about time that the conversation takes place in the mainstream.

“It’s one of those longstanding questions about civilization itself, with all the darkness that comes with that. Why do we need to look at them and stare at them? At what point does our wonder no longer warrant another being’s wounding?”

July 31, 2019




  1. REPLY
    Carey says

    Those poor Swaziland elephants that so many lobbied so hard to stop being imported to the US….Thanks for this

  2. REPLY
    Carey says

    I remember reading much of the US written media at the time, and almost all written outlets published the false narrative spun by the main man at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo . I was truly disheartened by the media, who, lazily, seemed to print from the press statement, I don’t believe I came across even one article questioning the import of these elephants – and I sought out many, so that I could leave my own comments disputing these lies – the “conservation” included. good to know about this author , and his story. Thank you

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    Debbie Sides says

    There are so few true sanctuaries. A shame that captivity & killing of beautiful beings still goes on.

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