Cites Agrees on Near-Total Ban on Sending Wild Elephants to Zoos

After a final vote on the issue today at CITES, a near-total ban on capturing elephants from the wild, to send to zoos, has passed. The EU fought to have it reworded, changing it from a total ban. The US, shamefully, voted against the ban. The EU amendments to the…...

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The Import of Wild Elephants News Stories

This article discusses some of the backstory to the NYT piece on the import of wild elephants into three US zoos and what the reality of it was. The original story is linked in this article if you didn’t read it. It is long, but it gives a lot of…...

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Mendoza Update

  MENDOZA UPDATE: CARE FROM START TO FINISH It has been a little while without a Mendoza update, but as everything with sanctuary, that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything going on behind the scenes.  One of the things we knew would have to happen before we could relocate any of…...

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